« After more than 27 years of experiences, we decided my partner and I, to create OCTOGONE GROUP, headquartered in Côte d'Ivoire, with the goal of becoming a responsible economic player for west Africa, whose commitments go beyond respect for the law or philanthropy. It is and has always been staple of who we are and what we do.
Our culture and ethics are guided by the Group's eight values, which have been defined since its foundation. They are second nature to us, at the heart of our activities.

We are determined to fully promote the talent of all our employees, a real asset for our company. If we are all involved, together we can truly contribute to our customers, suppliers and partners to improve our well-being while ensuring the sustainability of the world in which we live and act.
Our culture and our traditions dictate our actions. We encourage our employees to develop and implement innovative and relevant solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, suppliers and partners.


In 2019, we formalized our commitments on social and environmental responsibility. That same year, OCTOGONE GROUP launched the Strategic Plan "E for Excellence 2024", with a goal for 2024 to achieve EXCELLENCE.
The direction defined by the Strategic Plan "E for Excellence 2024" emphasizes excellence, essential to the control of our business, as well as high-quality business opportunities offering optimal performance. It will also enable "One Galaxy" and "Satellites" to mobilize and align their initiatives, energies and talents.
The Galaxy is an original model that gives OCTOGONE GROUP a unique identity and status in these fields of activity and expertise.

It is based on entrepreneurship and trust. This confidence we have in our satellites allows us to carry out projects and strengthen our reputation, as well as the trust satellites place in us to support their growth plan. We will continue to take our role as a responsible company very seriously and encourage our employees, customers, suppliers and partners to play their role..
Today, we are ready to take new steps ».