« Life is like a bicycle, you have to move forward so you do not lose your balance. »
Albert Einstein


Any company that wants to be competitive must develop a strong and efficient internal finance function to ensure its sustainability.

Our Services

OCTOGONE GROUP acts as an expert as a real decision-making tool for the finance function, enabling managers to plan their development strategies by providing them with financing capacity; visibility on the profitability of each share and to know which investment choice would be the most judicious.
The function deals with all activities in the company. It is important for the decision-maker to know which activity is more profitable than another.
Ensure that project expenditures have sound reasons and cost-effectiveness in order to avoid wasteful or unnecessary hole in cash .

Our Mission

The group's mission will consist in controlling the profitability and solvency of the company, anticipating its development strategy and the necessary financing and investments.

* OCTOGONE GROUP and its employees undertake to respect the confidentiality of the study that you entrust to us. We make every effort to offer you customized services tailored to your needs.

OCTOGONE GROUP intervenes for:
Consult the finance function of the company
Studying and making sure the business is well invested in a profitable way.

Indeed it is very important to limit the financial risks that could harm the company.